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White Rock Real Estate Appraisal
Photo Credit: mybulldog. Under Licence.
Accustar is proud to offer its residential real estate appraisal services for properties in the City of White Rock. Accustar appraisers have comprehensive knowledge of White Rock properties and market trends in the area.

About White Rock

The modern history of White Rock is directly tied to the railway linking British Columbia to Washington state, which runs along the shore of Semiahmoo Bay to the border. Now owned by Burlington Northern and Sante Fe (BNSF) Railway, it was originally the Great Northern line, and it opened up White Rock and Crescent Beach to tourists from Vancouver and New Westminster in the early 1900s. Easy access, via the railway encouraged growing numbers of New Westminster and Vancouver residents to acquire summer cottages in the area. The now-famous pier was opened in 1914 to provide a deep-water mooring facility, but then as now, it primarily serves as a tourist facility for pleasure boats, for a promenade, and for fishing and swimming.

In the 1950s, White Rock residents began to feel isolated from the then–District of Surrey, where development was being concentrated elsewhere, particularly in North Surrey and Cloverdale. In 1957, a special warrant from the Government of British Columbia created the City of White Rock.

White Rock is named for a distinctive large, white 486-ton granite boulder on its beach near the promenade. It was kept white by shellfish-eating seabirds whose guano covered the rock. However, it is now kept white through applications of white paint by the city parks department.

White Rock’s location on a hillside bluff, afford many properties pocketed and panoramic views of Semiahmoo Bay. Its single family homes vary from beach cottages to executive homes. White Rock is seeing redevelopment of some of its sites with older homes being torn down to allow for construction of new homes. It also has a good mix of low rise and some newer high rise apartment units as well as townhomes.

Visit the City of White Rock’s website.